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Welcome to my updated humor page! Besides the obvious color changes, I’ve added a few links to external sites that feature humor. Some were previously on my favorite links page, but I decided they fit here better. Look near the bottom of the page for those. And just so you dont go wandering off, I’ll have them open in a new window. :) Enjoy!

Funny Headlines
Funny Accident Reports
Funny Absentee Notes
Humor from Church
Great Classified Ads
Funny Signs
Funny English mis-translations
Advertising Bloopers
Funny Doctors Reports
Funny News Bulletins
Funny Quotes
Family Feud Answers
Funny Court Proceedings
Deep Thoughts from Children
Top 59 Things to do at Wal-Mart
Top 50 ways to freak out your roommate
45 Fun Ways to Write a Paper
98 Ways to Order a Pizza
50 Fun Elevator Activities
Top 20 Engineer's Terms
Why did the chicken cross the road?
World History According to Student Bloopers
Funny Student Analogies
Getting Ready to go Skiing
List of Funny State Mottos
Murphey's Rules of Combat
Dilbert Stories
What the Professor Really Means

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External Links

Movie Cliches
The Wall-O-Shame
The Darwin Awards

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